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Rave Reviews

As more and more people discover the power of Mylio, it makes sense that they’ll share their experiences. We’re always glad to get feedback, especially when it’s as positive as the write up from the folks at Format

They were very impressed and highlighted many of the core features of Mylio. They noted that it organizes photos automatically, works without internet, frees up storage, and utilizes facial recognition.

“Once you upload your images, Mylio automatically organizes them into a variety of views, including calendar view, which separates photos into the years, then months, then days.”

“Since Mylio is not a cloud-based service, you can view all of your files on any of your devices regardless of whether you have internet access.”

“[Mylio] allows you to access everything on all of your devices without the internet without taking up a huge amount of space, so you’ll free up your storage space without losing access to your photos.”

“Facial recognition automatically separates photos based on people’s faces and learns over time based on your actions within the software.”

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Thank You

We’re glad that Format liked Mylio so much! We hope they and others continue to explore Mylio and learn about other things the app can do. For example, Mylio has a number of human ways to find your photos besides the calendar. People View lets users see all the photos of friends or loved ones curated in a custom album. Map View makes it easy to search for photos based on where they were taken, which is how many people remember their travels. And tagging photos with flags, tags, stars, or keywords can make finding individual photos or groups of photos a snap. 

At the end of the day, we want to help people manage their photos right. That’s why we made Mylio free for up to 3 devices and 5,000 photos. We’re passionate about photography and want everyone to have an app that helps them manage their photos well.