Do Something Together this Valentine’s Day

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 Valentine’s Day Edition

Do Something Together this Valentine’s Day

Tell Your Story in Photos

Couple enjoy their Mylio photo library on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you know what that means. A mad rush for flowers and chocolates on the morning of February 14th. But that’s so cliche. It lacks creativity and personal touch. 

Instead, give a gift that means something. Give a gift that reflects your relationship’s history and also paves a path for its future. Give Mylio, the way to organize and share the visual story of your life together.

What is Mylio?

Mylio organizes your pictures so you actually enjoy looking at them. With Mylio, it’s easy to bring together, organize, and remember the photos that matter. And it’s a passion project you and your partner will love. Once you start building your photo library, you’ll want to keep adding to it together. 

How Does It Work?

Mylio imports pictures from all your devices and helps you auto-organize them in useful ways. Get it on your phones, tablets, and computers to sync photos from all your devices (connect her Android with his iPhone and their computers). Once your pictures are consolidated, Mylio gives you lots of tools to manage and view them on Valentine’s Day and beyond! Edit, rate, caption, and face-tag your photos in a snap. When you want to view your photos, Mylio has intuitive views that let you peruse your shots on a Map that shows you where you’ve been, a Calendar that highlights your favorite shots, People view that lets you see custom albums, and the classic All Photos view.

Valentine's Day Couple views their relationship journey on a tablet with Mylio

Relationship Goals

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Mylio is a great gift because it doesn’t end on Valentine’s Day (or a week later once those flowers wither). Mylio can be a passion project for you and your partner to do together. As you each take photos, Mylio makes it easy to add them to your shared library as you compile the memories of a lifetime. You can also add videos, wedding invitations, birthday cards, receipts, report cards, and anything else as you document your journey as a couple. Mylio preserves and protects so you can remember it all.

Pro Tip: Write down username and password to share on Valentine's Day

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day

1. Get Mylio on the devices where you have photos.

2. Sign in with an account you and your partner will share.

3. Import your favorite couple’s photos into Mylio.

4. Check the Calendar View and Map View to make sure your pictures are correctly dated and geotagged. For many photos, Mylio will do that automatically. If you want to adjust any photo, click the arrows to the right to open the details panel.

5. On Valentine’s Day, have your partner get Mylio too. When they sign in with your shared account, they’ll immediately get to see (and add to!) your shared photo library. 

6+. Have fun adding to your library together, creating the visual story of your lives.

Unofficial Step 7: Love the life you live. 

Retired couple laugh together viewing Mylio photos on Valentine's Day