Announcing the First of Mylio’s Bring-Your-Own-Cloud Solutions

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Making it as easy as possible to organize and protect your life’s memories is what we’re all about here at Mylio. We also believe everyone should have direct control over their own data. So we’re proud to announce a new service offering for Mylio Premium users that will provide even more choice and control for file protection: Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC). Starting today, you can link a cloud service to your Mylio account.


Organizations from the American Society of Media Photographers to the Department of Homeland Security recommend keeping at least one copy of your files in an offsite location, and cloud services are a simple solution for this. Why offsite? Because a dozen different copies on different devices won’t do you any good if your home falls victim to a Sloth infestation (or, less likely, if they’re all in the same burning building).

Choice and Control

As our founder recently shared, BYOC is a new offering for people to keep copies of their files offsite without being locked in to a particular service provider. Our first offering is through Amazon Drive, which, for $60 per year after a 3-month free trial, gives you unlimited storage for photos and video. In just a few minutes, you can configure Mylio to add a copy of all your originals, albums, ratings, and edits to an Amazon Drive account, then keep them synced as you add more.

What if you want to add a cloud service other than Amazon? Stay tuned – we’ll be adding several other cloud providers in the coming months.

What if you still don’t trust the cloud? Mylio has you covered through our multi-location protection feature that remotely syncs devices in two different locations.


Regardless of the choice you make, security matters to everyone. So files synced through an Amazon BYOC solution will be secured through a 256-bit encryption system; you’ll be able to view and manage them however you want in Mylio, while they’ll be unreadable to anyone looking at them in the cloud.

There you have it: peace of mind just got peacier. If this solution is for you, getting started is easy.

Mylio with Amazon Cloud Backup

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