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 Gift Guide 2019: Mylio


The Perfect Partner for Your Tech

Gift Guide devices that benefit from Mylio

So you’re buying a new photo-taking gadget this season. But then what? How are you going to save and remember those moments? How will you find that photo or video amidst all the digital clutter? 

The answer is Mylio. If you’re buying anything that can take photos or videos this holiday, you need to get Mylio. Mylio is a powerful way to organize all your media into a single library so you have complete control of all your files and can find any of them instantly. 

Bring It Together

Mylio library on a phone, tablet, and laptop

Mylio works across all platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android – to sync your digital library and give you complete access to your media memories anytime, anywhere, any device. It’s designed to help you at all stages of the management process. First, it helps you bring your files together from many sources, like cameras, drives, old devices, scanned photos, and other photo services. Then it makes organization a snap by working as your virtual assistant to give you complete control of where and how your photos get stored. And finally, it helps you truly enjoy the visual story of your life by making those files instantly available, even without the internet. 

Get More for Less

Mylio gift guide on many devices

And just in time for the holidays, Mylio has announced a drastic drop in price. The price on the Premium plan has been slashed from $250 down to $99. This plan includes unlimited photo storage and unlimited devices, plus RAW image editing and a host of other media management tools. Mylio Free Forever is also available and includes up to 25,000 photos, three devices, and image editing. 

The Perfect Partner for Your Tech

A gift guide.

An advanced user's multi-platform Mylio setup

Camera + Mylio

Mylio is ideal for camera lovers because it gives you the freedom to work with your media how and when you want. You no longer have to be tied to your computer to organize and edit your photos. Mylio lets you do it on any of your computing devices, even without the internet! So whether you’re getting a DSLR, a drone, a GoPro, a spycam, or an Olympus to shoot footage of your underwater basket weaving, Mylio is a perfect partner for your camera. Mylio automatically organizes photos by device, date, and location, and you can customize the import process as much as you want.

Computer + Mylio

Mylio gives you the power to control your entire media workflow from your computer. Whether you like mac or pc, you’ll love having Mylio on your computer to manage your photos from start to finish: import from a wide range of sources (see the full list here), decide where and how they’re stored, edit and customize to your heart’s content, and then share with family and friends. Your computer is also an ideal storage space for originals, so you keep your photos backed up and private. 

Phone + Mylio

Phone photographers rejoice! Mylio is mobile. That means you get all the benefits of Mylio (importing, organizing, managing, syncing, protecting, editing, sharing) from the convenience of your phone. Anywhere you go, your Mylio photo library is there, even without the internet. Whether you’re on a mountain, on a bus, or on the beach, you have the complete Mylio toolkit in the palm of your hand. Mylio is also your solution to the infinite scroll, that problem where you lose track of photos in the backlog of your camera roll. Mylio lets you find any photo memory lightning fast. 

Tablet + Mylio

With Mylio on your tablet, you get unparalleled access to and control of your photos on your most versatile device. It’s the happy medium of powerful and mobile. See and manage all your photos on a full screen wherever you go. Mylio helps you make the most of your time and tablet by letting you access, manage, edit, share, and show off your photos on the move like never before. Plus, any changes you make on your tablet automatically sync to the rest of your devices. Gift Guide approved!

Milestone Moments + Mylio

Friends enjoying a sunset

Mylio is made for milestone moments, those important moments in life you want to remember forever. In fact, CEO David Vaskevitch founded the company with the goal of “changing the way the world remembers”. Mylio has a number of features to highlight such moments that make remembering easier. The thumbnail for every day, month, year, and decade shows the most viewed media from that time period, or you can choose it yourself. Also, Mylio makes it easy to link your calendar (Outlook, Gmail, iCloud) to match your photos with the events of your life. You can of course add your own events, albums, and folders to customize your organization. This makes finding photos that much easier! 

So, as you prepare for a season of holiday photos, prepare well. Share this gift guide with friends and family who love photo memories. Get Mylio today to enjoy a lifetime of photos.

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