Instagram’s newest iOS update is not as great as it seems. (In fact, it’s an avocado.)

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Do you regularly check all your apps, ensuring they’re all up-to-date? Are  you, maybe, borderline obsessive about it (like me)? If so, you may have noticed Monday that Instagram made an update. And not just any update, but an update wrapped in super cool paper made to look like it had the best present ever inside — only it turned out to be an avocado. Not that I don’t like avocados; it’s just I’d rather not receive one as a gift (or in this case a seemingly awesome app update).

The latest update, in theory, resolved a long existing issue between iOS users and Instagram: sharing directly to the application. This wasn’t possible even in the camera roll; you had to go to Instagram directly, then continuously scroll through said roll until you found your desired image. The new update solves this clunkiness — again, in theory. But not really.

I’m sorry to break your socially-savvy heart, but it’s not a fun fix. Sure, you can share your photos from camera roll to Instagram, but all you really get to do with this ‘sharing’ is add a measly caption. You can’t edit with filters, you can’t crop, you can’t even hashtag your photo! There’s so much more to a quality Instagram post than just a caption. How am I supposed to become #instafamous or #liveauthentic if I can’t even hashtag or adjust the brightness/contrast on my photos?

This is where Mylio comes in. In its latest update you can now take any of your photos in Mylio and “open with” directly to Instagram where you can edit, crop, filter and yes HASHTAG until you can’t hashtag anymore. Posting to Instagram from Mylio has never been easier. So go on, open up Mylio — which bears no resemblance whatsoever to an avocado — and share your best Instagram-worthy photos till the sun don’t shine.