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I’m a French Canadian (Quebecois) living in Seattle. That’s me on the left. Some years back, my son (that’s him on the right), who didn’t speak a word of English, came here to live with me and my life partner. Four years later, he’d both learned the language, and graduated from high school. Then he moved back to Montreal, Canada to pursue his studies.

Jean-Stephan and his son at the Boeing factory in Washington

Recently, he came for his first visit since he’d left. Boeing aircraft are manufactured in our region, and my son asked me to take him for a tour of the factory. We’d done this before when he lived here.

As we marveled again at the workers swarming over the massive machines around us, my son confided something to me. Five years ago, he said, when we were last here, when he was struggling to find his place in the world, he’d suddenly had an epiphany: he could be one of these workers. This was what he was about. In that moment, he’d seen his future.

This photo is from that fateful visit years ago: it immortalizes our special moment together. Later this spring, my son will graduate from his aeromechanics studies, soon to be exactly what he’d envisioned years before: an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I’m so proud of him.

Jean-Stéphane Vachon, Junior UX Designer

Who knew?

  1. I definitely don’t have Apiphobia, because my father was an amateur bee keeper. One year, bees hibernated in our house for the winter.
  2. I love to sing the French repertoire.
  3. I have a collection of more than twenty old cameras (from 1898 to 1970).

I like to shoot: Here’s what a Museum Director once said about my work: Jean-Stephane is first and foremost a humanist. His photography is really about life, about images — be they portraits, interior scenes, architecture, or landscapes — that reveal a human presence. He reveals the soul within each of his subjects.

My Mylio setup: Five devices managing 28,000 pictures and 150 pages of French sheet music in PDF.


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