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As so often happens when I open Mylio, I get pulled into my collection of memories and spend way more time than I’d expected revisiting experiences, and remembering people and places I’ve been. Before I know it I’m organizing — categorizing photos, dating scanned pictures to collect them into events, touching up old scanned family pictures, and… wait, what was it I was coming here for?

Oh yes. I’m choosing a meaningful photo to share. Not such an easy task, as almost everything I just clicked and browsed and organized has an effect on me. But here’s one that I’d forgotten:

Buick LaSabre on the Streets of Hollywood, California in 1979

I like it because on the surface, it’s a just a pic of downtown Hollywood. I’d bet that for most anyone looking at this photo, it’s not particularly notable. But for me, it evokes a rush of memories and emotions.

Why? Because that’s me in my 1979 Buick LeSabre noodling through downtown Hollywood traffic. I’m on my way from Phoenix, Arizona to Seattle, Washington — a place I’d never been. It’s late 1990, and my brother and I (he was in Philadelphia and I was in Phoenix) have decided to get together and head West, to see what we could see. It was the beginning of many positive and dramatic changes in my life; changes that led to a software development career, to Microsoft, to a wife and daughter, and, eventually, to Mylio!

This unassuming photo brings up strong feelings of adventure, hope, and friendship (we were visiting a college chum living in Hollywood), mixed with the unknown and exciting opportunities that lay ahead of me.

And still do.

Chauncey  Williams, Quality assurance and testing, build process and continuous integration, release management and publishing, test lab maintenance and deployment, machine and device setup and maintenance, cloud environment setup, maintenance and deployment… I’m probably leaving some things out.

Who knew?

  1. I have seven cats.
  2. I’m a pretty good cook.
  3. I’m good with a frisbee.

I like to shoot: Family photos, candids of people, landscapes, and Macro photography. I mostly use a Canon t2i, but I also use my phone or my wife’s Lumix. I like the DSLR because it let’s me do whatever I want, but sometimes it’s more convenient to slip a camera like the Lumix in a pocket, and use that in situations where you don’t want to be obtrusive. The camera phone is good for that too. As is often said: the best camera is the one you have with you!

My Mylio setup: Nine devices for 45,041 images.