Need a Quick Boost? Try One of These 40 Photos of Pure Joy

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On one thing, we can all agree: we live in tumultuous times.

Pick your area of focus, and you’ll find disruption and acceleration. For the moment, this seems to be our new normal. On the one hand, things are no different in the worlds Mylio moves in: photography has been undergoing a massive, power-to-the-people sea change that just keeps growing, while our broader tech landscape is poised for yet another tectonic shift — the Beginning of the Future of Everything. At play: seriously big numbers, and huge upheavals.

On the other hand — and this can be easy to forget — technology is a function of us actual humans, and us humans haven’t changed that much. Mylio’s technology is about organizing and safeguarding memories, and we’ve always had, and shared those.

Vintage photos are a great way of reminding ourselves of this shared humanity. Subjects of early portraits are stiff, unsmiling, sphinx-like ciphers. But that was because of camera technology; as the technology progressed, candid snapshots became possible, and amongst the starched collars and petticoats we start to see…is that…goofiness? Tomfoolery? Plain old fun? Like, for real: Great-Great-Grandma liked to get stupid sometimes? Who knew?

Deep down, we’ve always known. Which is why it’s great to be reminded — say, 40 times — that so long as there are humans, there will also be smiles, joy, crossed eyes, and protruding tongues. On that we can all agree.


One of 40 vintage photos of pure joy

One of 40 vintage photos of pure joy