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This is me (right), my Aunt (center), and my Mom on the roof of an 800 year-old farm house outside Florence, Italy. We were just about to take a cooking class. This is an important picture to me for three very different reasons.

Andrew Jacobson in Florence, Quadruple Sweet!

First, I’d just finished up a three-month study abroad program in Berlin, and my Mom and Aunt had come to visit me, and spend some time traveling Europe. The study program had been one of the most cherished experiences of my life, so having family there with me to extend the trip and travel together made it all the more sweet.

Next, my Mom had just won a hard-fought battle against breast cancer. The illness had prevented her from taking big, exciting trips like this for quite some time, so her presence there, and the return to health and activity it represented, made the trip triple sweet.

And you know what? The cooking class was seriously awesome! We made our own ravioli from scratch, and there were bottomless glasses of fine Italian wine. What’s not to love? Quadruple sweet ftw.

Andrew Jacobson, Junior Software Engineer 

Who knew?

  1. I’m a jazz drummer.
  2. I speak German.
  3. I’m a huge Star Wars geek.

I like to shoot:  Meaningful moments in life: stunning environments, friends, and family.

My Mylio setup: Two devices managing 1,000+ images.