Me, My Mother, and Us

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My mom and I are often told how much we look alike. I don’t always see it, I’m more aware of the differences – my face is rounder, she has a stronger jawline, etc. But sometimes it takes a slow day and a free app to realize just how much you look like your mother. That’s how this picture came to life.

Treasure Connors & her mother side-by-side

On the left is my mom at 22 – holding newborn me (very meta, I know). On the right is me, 23 and procrastinating actual work by taking a selfie.  It’s incredible to see how how we basically become one person in the photo, and just how similar we are. But we don’t only look alike — we act alike too, in a lot of ways. I inherited some great traits from my Mom, and I’m incredibly proud to resemble her — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Treasure Connors, Content & Social Media Manager

Who knew?

  1.  I have no tattoos (my Mom has 11).
  2. I collect sombreros.
  3. I don’t like emus.

I like to shoot: Things that happen in the moment, usually when out with friends, or around cities I visit. I use my iPhone 6 because it’s fast, and readily available.

My Mylio setup: Four devices for 2,529 images.