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Okay, so I’ll just set the timer for thirty seconds, then I’ll run back over to that rock and sit on it. And… oops! Okay. Well, maybe thirty seconds isn’t long enough. I didn’t really want a picture of my back. Let’s try one minute. …Nope. Almost the same picture, only this time I’m climbing instead of running. Why don’t they make a longer timer for my camera?! Don’t they know I drove for more than three hours, then hiked another three hours-plus —  at a 3,400-foot of elevation gain —  to get here?

Polina getting the perfect selfie at 3,400 feet!

I love to hike the Cascades in the summertime — it’s some of the most beautiful mountain scenery anywhere. The stillness and grandiosity of Nature helps me connect better with myself.

Eventually, I set the timer for the max delay, and managed to run and scramble up to my spot. If you squint, you can see me perched way over there. And despite the clouds, despite being barely able to see a few hundred feet down the mountainside, it was all well worth the effort: to sit, serenely, on top of Mt. Townsend.

Polina Sharabarina, Bug Exterminatress (by any means necessary)

Who knew?

  1. I’m from Siberia — but I hate the cold!
  2. I love to ride fast motorcycles
  3. I have a stuffed cat named Grump

I like to shoot: Nature and urban landscapes — preferably with a wide-angle lens. I shoot with a full-frame Nikon DSLR D750.

My Mylio setup: Four devices and 40,000+ images.