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My return to Japan was a personal triumph: revisiting certain places was to relive and affirm my own history, and to see how the world had changed while I’d been gone. And of all the places I revisited, the most symbolic was Tokyo Tower.

At the time, my nephew was fascinated by the Seattle Space Needle, so while I was at its Japanese counterpart, I got him a tiny model at the gift shop. As I was leaving, it suddenly occurred to me that I should take a picture of the little model next to its gigantic archetype.

TimTurner_TrueStory_picInspired, I climbed all the way back to the top and took a picture. I took pictures of the model riding on the elevator. I took pictures sitting on the see-through glass floor of the observation deck. I took  pictures looking up, looking down, looking out at the cityscape. I took pictures inside, I took pictures outside, I took pictures while touching the very-highest, tip-toeiest, finger-stretchyest point a person could reach on the tower.

When I brought the model home, I handed it to my nephew, along with the pictures.

I said: This is it, and it was there.

Tim Turner, Mylio Bug Hunter 

Who knew?

  1. I once crashed a submarine into a mountain
  2. I’ve written a book
  3. I once had long hair

I like to shoot: I’ve got a standard, economical point-and-shoot camera, and I’m a binge photographer. I’ll take hundreds of pictures, then let my camera sit for a month. I take pictures for my own personal digital museum, for study purposes, for art references.

My Mylio setup: Two devices and 9,000+ images.



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