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This is my father.


Every year since I was little, my father and I would go to opening day for fishing in Washington State. I rebelled as I got older, going my own way and getting into cars, computers, girls — life in general. But the one thing that’s always stayed with me is his invitation to go fishing.

These photos were taken as I started to document my adventures with ‘Pops’. We’ve gone on dozens — if not hundreds — of small fishing trips: from Hawaii, to open oceans, to different lakes, tributaries, and local watering holes. To this day we still go out on the water together.

But as I’ve grown, I’ve come to respect my father more and more for who he’s always been to me, and how he indirectly shaped who I am by being the best role model I could ever have looked up to. These pictures remain a couple of my favorites, as they show my father how I’ll always remember him: stern, aggressive, to-the-point, composed, in charge — and most of all, real. From his time in the military, to business, to life lessons, to having fun, Pops was always disciplined. He taught me a lot of the foundational elements that I still rely on today in my daily life, and in my role in customer service, sales, and support.

Sure, he smiles.  And sure, he’s a really nice guy.  (Actually, not to kid anyone, he’s actually a softy on the inside). But to me, Pops was the King, the Ruler of his world. He always understood: “Life is what you make it, so don’t F**k it up.” (“And if you don’t like it, change it!”)  Even if something was unexpected, he knew we have the ability to choose our responses and effect the outcome — no one else. If there was ever a need, he just did it, no questions asked (way before Nike ever marketed the same idea). My father always required excellence. He never settled for ‘good’.

He never looks back, but always progresses forward.

He always thanks anyone that does anything for him. He doesn’t nurse regrets. He gives more than he ever receives.

My father taught me long ago to leave a situation or a place better than when I found it.

He was the best role model to me before I even fully understood the man I was really looking up to.

This is my father.

Anthony Adams

Who knew?

  1. I’ve successfully fallen down a mountain and lived (yes, all the way to the bottom).
  2. I’ve yet to break a single iPhone.
  3. I was blessed by a monk in a temple in Cambodia. Outside afterwards, the rest compared their shoe sizes to those of my Vans.

I like to shoot: Street photography, candid portraits, automotive, animals, and food. All photos are taken with whatever camera I have at the moment.

My Mylio setup: Seven devices managing 2,400 images (so far. There’s still a lot to be added into Mylio from previous drives).