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This is me and my Grandfather the night my Mom’s play, Leaving St. Paul, premiered at the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival. The play is a true story about my Grandfather, Arnold, working in Twin Cities real estate during the Civil Rights era.

Kelley Teed and her Grandfather, Arnold

Arnold lost his business because he sold houses in all neighborhoods to people of all ethnicities at a time when housing segregation was still practiced. His public comments on the issue were played on the local news, bringing serious consequences to his family, including loss of ‘friends’, and loss of their own home. All because he was living his principles.  

This play celebrated Arnold’s character and actions during an important, if ugly chapter from our past. I was so proud to see it come alive on stage: a play about my Grandpa, written by my Mom … and starring my sister!

Kelley Teed, HR / Office Assistant 

Who knew?

  1. I’ve been to the Oscars
  2. I’ve skydived in New Zealand
  3. I lived in a car for 2 months while touring California 

I like to shoot: Things I see in my day-to -day life. I have a Canon Rebel T5, but I’d say I shoot with my iPhone most often.

My Mylio setup: Four devices and 20,523 images.



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