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 Ok, so what haven’t I done? I think I’ve covered some of the bases when it comes to experiences, but of course I plan to do more. Much more. I still have an enormous bucket list that will take years to complete. And thousands of photos so I don’t forget.
Adrienne Munday and her lovely family

But the things that I’ve accomplished in life pale in comparison to my family. That’s what I’m proudest of. My mother — age 94 — is a pistol. (I’ve called her other things in my life, but she’d forgive me. As my brother loves to point out, I was always the favorite). My brother constantly amazes me with his patience and sense of humor. My son has turned out just fine — great, in fact — despite having me as a mother and role model. And of course my other half, who even loves me at my worst moments. (Thank God!)

So the photo says it all: that’s my love Buddy on the left, then me, and my son Chris. We’re at a friend’s place together, drinking and eating – something I’ll never give up!

Adrienne Munday, Keeper of Books and All Things Numeric 

Who knew?

  1. I love metal and thrash bands, really
  2. Love to ride a motorcycle
  3. I met Johnny Cash and June Carter

I like to shoot: Very simple photos — mostly friends and family. I have an old Olympus that I still pull out once in awhile, but admittedly my phone is always out. Because it’s there!

My Mylio setup: One phone, and one desktop machine managing 2,733 images.