It Makes Me Happy Every Time

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My girlfriend Margaret and I like to hang out at bars, cafes, and restaurants to people-watch. That’s her below. There’s something fascinating about observing people’s behaviors — how they interact with each other, and with their surroundings.

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is an amazing place for people-watching. The combination of hundreds of tourists mixed in with locals provides so many interesting situations.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is one of our favorite hangouts at the market. We sit by the window, and watch people go up and down the hill. We can spot the locals by how quickly they move along the street. Tourists almost always pause on the hill to take pictures of the Public Market sign at the end of the street.

Margaret saw a pup. Seattle, WA. April 2016.

One day, we were hanging out at Rachel’s having drinks after a disappointing lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Post Alley. The wait was long, the service slow, and the food underwhelming. We just needed to have a drink or two to recover from the poor experience.

We were commenting on how silly some of the tourists were behaving when we saw a couple with a big labradoodle walk around the corner. We especially enjoy seeing dogs when people-watching, and often spend more time watching the dogs than the people.

As the labradoodle jogged along next to its humans, a smaller white fluffy dog came bouncing behind him. It was like a little hyper mop head flailing about. It was ridiculous. Margaret exploded in glee, and I managed to snap a picture of it. After having a pretty horrible lunch outing, seeing her happy filled me with joy.

This photo has been the wallpaper on my phone for months now. Every time I wake my phone, I see Margaret’s smiling and laughing face, and remember that moment. It makes me happy.