Love = Roots

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This photo shows why I love it here in Seattle. The area’s contrast of natural with manmade, and integration of people with the land really show through here.

Photo of Lake Union by Mackenzie Collins

The textured water almost makes you feel the crisp breeze. There’s the industrial look of the skyline. The rowers. And the sunset creating a backdrop for all of this activity and beauty. Together, it’s all a reminder of why I’ll always have roots here.

Mackenzie Collins, Support Team Member

Who knew?

  1. I was homeschooled until 8th Grade
  2. I’m a formally-trained singer
  3. I’ve never been to Disneyland

I like to shoot: Landscapes, landmarks, contrasting silhouettes, and, when they’re not looking, people I care about. I use a Sony Mirrorless and an iPhone 6s because they’re compact enough to keep with me almost anytime.

My Mylio setup: Three computers, three mobile devices, and three USB hard drives for protection of 16,160 images.