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In 2014, I was offered a summer internship testing software for the company where my father had been a programmer for almost two years. The people were fantastic, and the product was an interesting solution to a problem I myself had: How should I organize my photos?

For the next two months, I found and filed bugs, wrote and ran test cases, and joked with the affable people around me. On October 30th, we launched the product in New York City. We were based near Seattle, but all the employees at this small company of less than 50 were invited.

Celebrating the release of Mylio in New York City

In New York, after the launch and several other celebratory events, we convened for a large dinner in a similarly-sized tent on the terrace of a building where one of the parties had just occurred. I sat at a table with my family, along with Deon, my manager Bernice, and photographer Reed Hoffmann.

JP worked the room, stopping at each table to talk before moving on to the next one. Deon told me that I’d found the last bug he’d fixed before the launch. A product I’d worked on was being released (can you guess what it was?), and I was there to see it!

That’s me, on the left, on that terrace. Sammy, who’d recently joined the company, is center, Jess is on the right and the Empire State Building is behind us. JP took the photo, though he says he can’t remember that.

Adam Al-Ghosien, Current Mylio Tester, Future Martin Scorcese  

Who knew?

  1. I am a pinball fanatic to the point of owning a pinball machine.
  2. I love tea, Earl Grey, hot.
  3. I have been a filmmaker since I was five years old.

I like to shoot: I like to take photos of things that don’t move while I’m framing, such as interesting objects, beautiful cloud formations, and raindrops.

My Mylio setup: 18,919 pictures across 8 devices.

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