First Time for Ghost

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Recently, I realized that part of the beauty of hanging out with my puppy was that I was rediscovering a lot of things through his eyes – a lot of firsts, so to speak.


This photo is of the first time Ghost ever saw snow. He went from bewilderment, to nervousness, to the realization that mucking around in the somewhat paltry snowfall we got that day was pure fun.

We spent hours playing fetch and exploring the park that day. This picture captures that moment of pure bliss: just me and my dog, hanging out on the first day he ever saw snow.

Raiza Abubakar, Positivity Generator (aka Support Lead)

Who knew?

  1. I’ve lived in the U.S. for only 10 years.
  2. I really hate bread.
  3. If I didn’t work in tech, I’d be a chef!

 I like to shoot: I take a lot of family and food photos. I love being inspired by my surroundings and my environment, and taking pictures helps me catalog such inspiration. My iPhone 6S+ is the most handy and available camera I have, followed by my Sony A5000.

My Mylio setup: Five devices managing 29,039 images.