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The first time I saw my favorite place I wasn’t expecting it. It crept up on me in the same way your favorite movie probably did – not falling in love during the title sequence, but somewhere along the way you think: Wow. Okay, this is special. I was in California training for a job when it happened. Before I left, I’d made a list of recommended places to see, restaurants to try, and things to experience. In that latter category was a long drive; I knew it would be impossible to do everything on the list, but I’ve always been a fan of scenic drives, so this one made the cut for ‘must do’.

What an understatement.

Panorama view of Matt Volett's favorite place, Big Sur, California

I started in San Jose and traveled south to Monterey for an amazing hour and a half of winding roads, tall trees (I lived in the midwest at the time, so any tree with history was a sight to see), and clear ribbons of water snaking between sand dunes and skyline. But as much as this landscape touched me, what lay ahead was something more. Something magical. Big Sur.

Driving through Big Sur was nothing short of life-affirming. I didn’t know where to look: cascading gray cliffs, sparkling blue water, rolling green fields rising up into the hills — each scenic turn-off more staggering than the next, all punctuated by occasional piles of barking seals. This was the kind of place that makes you stop and take account of, well, everything.

I went to Big Sur three times during that trip, usually to take other people and make sure they were  aware this type of landscape exists. When I returned home, I told my fiancé the trip got a ten-star review (out of five). And even though she’d never been to Big Sur, we decided to get married there. She even signed up for the Big Sur International Marathon, running 26.2 miles of the very road with which I’d so fallen in love.

Last year, we returned to Big Sur for our one-year anniversary. And we’ll be going back at some point this year. Somehow, it gets better each and every time.

Matt Vollet, Support Team Lead

Who knew?

  1. My heart belongs to music. I’ve written and recorded hundreds of songs – though I’ve only released a few. I even used to be the lead singer and guitarist of an indie rock band.
  2. I moved to Seattle with my wife just a few years ago for no other reason than to be by the mountains, oceans, and trees.
  3. If I could have two simultaneous careers my other one would be as a zoologist.

I like to shoot: Life events, animals, beautiful landscapes. My best camera is the one I have with me at the time, but love to shoot with a high zoom lens.

My Mylio setup: Four devices managing 28,000 images.