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I co-founded a tech company in the 2000’s., and we had a development office in Mumbai, India, which I’d visit regularly to oversee operations. Once, I took my 9 year-old son along. The idea was to take him to a variety of major cities and sites, including the Taj Mahal.

At one point, we saw a beautiful temple in the distance. As we rounded a corner to get a closer look, we were surprised to see this colorful old man near the entrance.

A patient old man outside of a temple in Mumbai, India waits for Brad Husick to take his portrait

Grateful I had my camera, I pulled it out to take his picture. He sat patiently, without a word, allowing me to get the perfect shot. That turned out to be the most colorful and profound moment we experienced the whole day (which, if you’ve been to India, is saying something).

I look at this picture, and always think about the maxim you hear from the best photographers: Always have your camera with you.