How Will These 17 Images Affect You? Are You Sure?

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Some of us may think we look at things from all angles before taking a point of view, but do we really? Andrius Burba‘s Underlook series are more whimsical, and his technique more prosaic; the Lithuanian artist started by photographing cats from underneath a sheet of glass in the studio, before graduating to dogs and rabbits. (You can buy prints and other merch of the cuteness here).

Under-Horse, as you might imagine, was a heavier undertaking, requiring two months of advance prep, a team of 40, a back-hoe to dig a 10-foot deep pit over which was laid a 56 square-foot, half-ton sheet of ultra-strong glass. The photographer’s subjects, which themselves weighed 1,300 pounds, were fitted with custom rubber shoes so as not to scratch the glass.

From Andrius Burba's Under-Horse series, shot from underneath the animal.

The results, which strip away all but the horse floating in space, are strong, abstract, and curious — fun, even. The only discomfort comes from the horses themselves, who, standing and looking down through invisible nothing, may have been feeling some of what Rohde was.

For a peek backstage in all its muddy, chaotic glory, here’s the making-of video:

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