When One Door Closes

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On April 30th, Apple announced that Aperture will no longer be supported on future operating systems after Mojave. Aperture users will therefore need a way to transition forward that maintains the work they have invested in their photos. Well, when one door closes, another door opens. Enter MylioMylio is a powerful app that allows you to import your photos as well as your edits, tags, ratings, and file structure. This saves you the valuable time you put into organizing your photo library.

And Mylio is not just another version of Aperture; it has additional tools that solve new problems as well: 

Mylio recognizes that people today don’t want to be tied to just one device. So Mylio allows you to access, share, and work with your entire library on Mac’s, iOS and Android phones, tablets, and Windows PC’s. Because of its seamless replication you’re able to share your pictures and videos with friends, family, and team members. Mylio also syncs between your devices, which means you can work wherever you are, and the results of your work will automatically make their way to all your other machines.

In addition to Aperture’s rich rating system, folders and keywords, Mylio also brings some new tools to the table. Face recognition makes tagging people and creating individualized photo albums a snap. Geotagging allows you to view on an elegant map where each photo was taken. And a Life Calendar lets you organize a lifetime of memories in a way that both looks good and makes finding photos easier!

Mylio Calendar View

Protecting your photo library is crucial to anyone who really cares about their pictures. Uniquely, Mylio automates the process of keeping all your media safe, so you don’t have to worry about manually saving each new photo to multiple drives. Even more uniquely, Mylio also gives you a choice to protect your photos completely locally (on your own devices) or to add one or more cloud services at any time.

In a recent press release, Mylio CEO David Vaskevitch discussed how he wants to help the Aperture community. “We respect the way in which Aperture blazed a trail and created a foundation that we could build on in Mylio. We also understand the work that goes into creating a curated and organized library over many years. So, we are happy that we can provide a painless and largely automatic migration path for users. And we are even more excited that we can offer them a broader platform for working with their pictures across all their devices at home and wherever those users may travel.”

To that end, Mylio is offering Aperture users a 20% for life when they migrate to a Mylio premium plan by July 4th, 2019. Dubbed the “Mylio Independence Day Offer,” this plan is a generous offer for users who are looking for a new photo management solution. 

Independence Day Fireworks Offer