The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is on April 12thand I’m sure some of you already have a plan. But if you’re like me and (let’s face it) a sizable chunk of the population, you scramble at the last minute to get your mom a gift. Flowers are a classic, a loving letter or email is always appreciated, and if you live close to her, a meal together is always nice.

But this year I’m going to up my game. This year I’m going to give my mom a gift that both reminds her of all the wonderful memories we’ve shared and shows her that we’ll continue to make memories long into the future.

I’m giving her MylioMylio is a free photo app that will be our digital photo album. I’ve already installed it on my computer, along with lots of family photos. The night before Mother’s Day I’m going to install Mylio on her computer as well. Our photo libraries will sync, and then on Mother’s Day, we’ll spend brunch looking through and laughing about all the photos there. 

And that’s not all. In the future, whenever I want to share photos or videos with her, I can simply drag them into the Mylio folder on my computer labeled “Mom,” and she’ll instantly be able to see them on hers. I’ve also set up a Mylio “Mom” folder on my phone so I can send her specific media from there as well. No more trying to email photos and videos one by one. No more making her squint to see tiny images on my phone. Now everything we want to share is synced seamlessly through Mylio. 

She’s going to love it. My mom is an art historian, so she always wants to know the details about a picture. Mylio makes that simple. She’ll be able to select the Life Calendar view to see all the photos on an elegant timeline. The Map view will also show her where each photo was taken, so we can see where we’ve been on family trips and vacations. And thanks to Mylio’s face recognition, she’ll be able click People view to see photo albums of particular people too. Does she want to see all the pictures of her brother? Easy. All the pictures of our neighbor down the street? Check. All the pictures of me and her? Done.

Mylio is a great gift because it’s something she actually wants – she wants to be able to see, share, and save these photo memories. It’s something she’ll actually use – she’ll be able to manage and curate this digital photo album to her heart’s content. And it’s something I want to give her – I want to be able to easily and efficiently share all this with her. It will become the digital home for our family photos, the stories of our lives. And it’s something we’ll continue to create together.