Love Has No Boundaries, But It Does Have Instagram

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If you’ve ever experienced one, you know there’s not much to recommend a long distance relationship — especially one that spans a 14-hour time difference. That’s what Dan bi Shin (on the left) and Li Seok (on the right) endured. The two met in art school in Korea, fell in love, and started collaborating under the name SHINLI-ART. But then…

… But then better for them to tell their own story, as they did in a video for a Dove soap campaign, which focused on couples and love:

Dan bi Shin: While we were together, I left to New York. Half and Half is a project of two people in love, separated across the globe.

Li Seok: We take split photographs:

Dan bi Shin: Half in New York…

Li Seok:  …Half in Seoul. At first the photos she sent me were so interesting because they were so new.

Dan bi Shin:  …But bittersweet because I was always thinking it would be so nice if we could see things together.

Li Seok: I thought it would be fun if we could match the photos of the cities.

Dan bi Shin: Even though we were apart we were doing the same things, so it was comforting.

Li Seok: It’s like one part of me is in New York, and the other is in Seoul.

Dan bi Shin: When one part of you can go to another country and experience a whole new culture. When both parts meet, that’s harmony. We fell in love because we share the same dreams.

Li Seok:  It makes us feel transcendent. Like breaking barriers.


Image from Dan bi Shin and Li Seok's Half and Half project, showing how love can span 7,000 miles and 14 hours.

The folks at Dove found the couple through their Instagram account, where they’d been posting their Half and Half project. As meticulously planned as these photos might look, they were actually spontaneous: “When I was eating a hamburger, I called Li and he got one, so it seemed as if we would eat together,” says Dan. “It was pretty emotional at the same time to do the same things, but to be in different places.” (Remember: 14-hour time difference!)

By the time the couple’s work was becoming internet famous, the project — or more likely the distance — had started wearing on them. This past spring, Li moved to New York, and the couple were engaged. This video is the capstone for Half and Half :


And here’s the happy couple, together at last in one place. A recent posting on their Instagram: DO NOT SEPARATE 2017.