Happy, Doggy Stories of Panic, Desire, and Joy

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Photographer Christian Vieler bought a new camera a few years ago, and faced a common dilemma: how to learn to use the thing on living subjects without hassling his friends. So he turned to – yes, it’s true – animal testing. Dogs specifically, including his own Labrador, Lotte.

And what’s the best way to catch and keep a dog’s attention?

Before too long, Vieler realized he was on to something, that he was capturing “stories of panic, desire, and joy.” He started a Facebook page for the project called Fotos Frie Schnauze (rough translation: Free Snout Photos), at first drawing subjects from dogs who’d accompany clients to his studio, then from people contacting him directly for puppy portraits.

And the series continues. If you’re ever near Waltrop, Germany with your hound(s), be sure to check in with Vieler to commission a session. Treats, probably, included.


Christian Vieler caught in the act