A Sampling of Candidates for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Awards

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The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is closing in on its final days — deadline for submissions is October 1 — so we thought we’d peek behind the curtain to see how things are shaping up. No word yet on submissions for the first video clip category, but there are plenty of other images to distract and delight.

But first, here’s the 2015 winner, runner-up, and a couple honorable mentions — including the Martin Le-May photo that would come to be called Weaselpecker, and launch 1,000 memes. (You can see the full gallery here).

2015 Winner. Photo by Julian Radd
2015 Winner. Photo by Julian Radd

And here are some of the best entries so far from the 2016 competition (full gallery here). Got a dyspeptic cat? Eccentric guinea pig? Get your submission in soon, and support the organization’s wildlife conservation efforts.