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Create a Photo Album Together with Mylio

It’s 2021, and people take pictures. With phones, cameras, drones, GoPros, tablets, and webcams, people are taking more pictures than ever before. But until recently, it was difficult to organize those pictures collaboratively. Well, things have changed. Now organizing pictures together is not only possible, it’s joyful. Today, couples can organize their pictures together in a single album that serves as a photo legacy, a legacy you can pass on to your kids and grandkids. It’s made possible by Mylio, a collaborative photo album that’s changing the way the world remembers. 

What is a collaborative photo album?

A collaborative photo album is a digital collection you build together. It’s ideal for couples who want to combine their photo memories. It syncs your devices (computers, phones, and tablets), so you can organize your pictures in a joint album. You can also scan and digitize physical photos, add photos and videos from your camera, and import pictures from social media to create a unified photo library of all your treasured moments.  

A collaborative photo album shows love, commitment, and unity. Therefore, it’s a great gift for any number of occasions, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, or a casual date night. 

A couple making a collaborative photo album

Revisit your past

A collaborative photo album lets you work together to organize a lifetime of photos. And it’s more than a gift; it’s an experience. It’s the joy of sitting down together and going through photos from the past. For couples, it’s remembering your first date, the first event you went to as a pair, and that magical weekend trip you took together. It’s recalling your best friend’s wedding, snorting at the funny pictures you’ve sent each other, and wondering why you have so many pictures of your cat. It’s laughter and tears and reminiscing and nostalgia. And it’s reliving the highlights of your life together. 

Celebrate your present

It’s also a way to celebrate together. Whether it’s your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or any other special occasion, a collaborative album is a great way to commemorate the day. It seamlessly syncs photos from your phones, tablets, and computers, so new photos you take are automatically included in your library. On the day you start, take pictures of yourselves together. Take pictures of any gifts you may have gotten each other. Take pictures as you go out for a fancy meal. Go on a walk, and take pictures along the way. Visit your favorite spots, and take selfies to commemorate each one. Or get creative: design a unique photo adventure for your partner, which could be anything from a photo scavenger hunt to an outing where you both take photos around a common theme. 

Envision your future

When you’re done making memories for the day, it’s time to envision the future. Curl up on the couch together and discuss your dreams as a couple. Want to take a ballroom dance class together? Include a placeholder picture of the dance studio in your collaborative album. Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel? Add a photo of that place so you can visualize the vacation next year. Got other dreams for the future? Find photos online, and add them to your album as goals to achieve. Then, when you’ve actually done these things, substitute the real photos for the placeholders.

5 steps to set up Mylio as a collaborative photo album

Step 1: Download Mylio on your family computer

  1. Download Mylio for free at
  2. Create (and write down!) a new email and password that you will use with Mylio
  3. Verify your email

Step 2: Complete the setup wizard

  1. Return to the Mylio app
  2. Begin the setup wizard
  3. Add photos that are already on your computer to Mylio

Step 3: Download Mylio on your phones

  1. Download Mylio onto each of your phones from
  2. Sign in with the same email and password as before
  3. Use the setup wizard to add your camera rolls

Step 4: Take some fun photos together

  1. Take some fun photos together with your phones
  2. Photograph letters, recipes, invitations, and other things that matter to you as a couple
  3. Go on a date and take photos as you do

Step 5: Add a little organization

  1. Create an album for each of you in Album view
  2. Tag your faces in People view
  3. Organize photos from your computer’s hard drive, Facebook, and other sources
  4. Add photos of things you want to do in the future
  5. Choose one day a month to sit down and enjoy photos together 

The gift that keeps on giving

As you grow in life and love, continue to build your collaborative photo album together. Your collection will become more and more precious each year as you add memorable photos. Plus, you’ve always got a ready-made date night together perusing pictures, adding captions, rating your favorites, sharing stories, and reminiscing about your favorite moments. 

Couple creates a collaborative photo album in bed

A collaborative album is an organized library that will be useful again and again. For example, it makes it easy to select photos for holiday cards, create slideshows, and share pictures with friends and family. It’s also an archive of your time as a couple, an archive that can grow as much as you want. You can add physical photos and scans. You can include pictures of wedding invitations, letters, and thank you notes. And you can take pictures of your favorite recipes and projects you want to try.

Pass on your legacy

A digital photo album is also something you can pass onto your kids. Just make sure you hang onto your username and password. As you take photos and videos of your kid growing up, you can easily put them into your collaborative album. Those memories will be automatically organized by date and location, and after you tag your kid once, Mylio will continue to put all future photos with his or face into a special album. Then when your kid grows up, he or she can carry on the photo legacy by taking more pictures and videos and adding them to the collaborative album. The whole thing can be passed lovingly from generation to generation, a living tribute to you all, and a delightful way to take a scroll down memory lane.

A Collaborative Photo Album to Pass on to your Kids