7 Easy Steps to Download Facebook Photos with Mylio

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Most of us post a lot of pictures to Facebook because it’s the quickest way to share with friends and family. But Facebook changes things up all the time, which means there’s no telling what could happen to all the photos we’ve entrusted to them. That’s where a cross-platform app called Mylio comes in. Mylio can download Facebook photos, backing them up and maintaining the same album structure and tagging — and do it all in minutes. Your photos stay up on Facebook, but with Mylio, you have them close by on your local devices too. And best of all, Mylio is FREE!

What’s Mylio?

Mylio is an app for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android that helps you consolidate all your pictures (and videos, PDFs and text files) into a single library that’s viewable on all your devices. Apple Photos and Google Photos do something similar using their Cloud services, but Mylio uses something called peer-to-peer communication to help your devices interact directly with each other, making sure your library stays in sync. That means your photos aren’t up on somebody else’s server if you don’t want them to be.

Infographic: How to Download and Backup All My Facebook Photos

How to Download Facebook Photos with Mylio

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Steps to Download Facebook Photos with Mylio

1. Install Mylio on your devices.

We recommend starting with your MacOS or Windows computer, because that’s the most likely place you’ll have enough space for all your juicy photos to live in their full-resolution glory.

2. Open Mylio and select ‘Import’.

…from the Navigation Panel (the left side of the screen).

3. Select ‘Online Services’, then ‘Facebook Albums’.

Mylio will automatically ask you for your Facebook user email and password.

4. Select the Facebook photo albums you want to import.

Once signed in, Mylio will display your albums on Facebook and allow you to select the ones you want to import. Selecting an album will highlight the text and put a blue check mark next to it.

5. Click ‘continue’.

You’ll be asked to confirm and location and organization scheme for the photos you want to save.

We recommend ‘keep existing organization’, so your imported folders match what you’re used to on Facebook. If you already have photos and folders in Mylio, you can choose an existing folder – or create a new one called ‘Facebook Photos’ (or anything you like!)

6. Click ‘Import Now’

7. Marvel as Mylio grabs everything off of Facebook and fills up your new folder.

All the people you tagged on Facebook are now available in Mylio’s ‘People’ view, or you can view your photos according to other criteria.

But Wait: It Gets Better!

Your face recognition tags from downloaded Facebook photos sync with Mylio’s own built-in Face Recognition. So pictures in your photo library that didn’t come from Facebook get a head start on being identified. Convenient! Awesome!

What About New Facebook Photos?

If you keep posting pictures to Facebook, not to worry: run the import again, and only newly-added photos will be copied into Mylio. You can download Facebook photos with Mylio as often as you like. Awyeah!

Now What? Sync Your Other Devices, That’s What!

To experience the real magic of Mylio, install it on another device, and sign in with the same account information while connected to the same WiFi network. Mylio can then synchronize your photos to other devices, allowing you to view, organize, edit and share from anywhere, on any device you like, even when offline. Boom.

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