Reclaim Your Phone’s Storage

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Reclaim Your Phone’s Storage

It can be frustrating when your phone gets full. You can’t take any new photos, videos, download email attachments, or add new apps. And that annoying “Memory Full” error message keeps popping up. 

Thankfully, Mylio has a solution: Free up space on this device

Here’s how it works:

When you have Mylio on your phone and another device with more storage space, Mylio helps you store the Originals on the device with more storage (for example, a computer or external hard drive). That way, your Originals are safe. But those Originals are also still on your phone’s camera roll. So use Mylio’s Free up space on this device. This goes into the photo app data set and removes the Original if that file is already stored on another Mylio device. Of course through Mylio, you can still see optimized versions of all your files on your phone. 

Here’s what to do:

1. Get Mylio on your phone and a device with enough storage for your files (for example, a computer).

2. Sign into Mylio with the same account information on those devices.

3. Make sure at least one device is set as a Vault.

4. Open Mylio on your phone.

5. Click on the View menu and select Settings.

6. Select Import.

7. Select Add Media Library (Android) or Add Apple Photos (iOS).

                                                                                         *If you use iCloud, see these important notes.

Great! Now the files from your phone are in Mylio. The following steps will remove the Originals that are clogging up the storage space on your phone. And don’t worry. It’s only going to remove an Original from your camera roll if that Original is already stored on another device.

8. On your phone, click on the View menu and select Settings.

9. Select Free up space on this device.

Free Up Space Settings

10. Choose the settings you want.

11. Click [ Continue ] to confirm.