Organizing Photo Memories – A Mylio Success Story

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Tidying Up with Samantha Drake

Organizing Done Right

On January 1st of 2019, Marie Kondo’s hit show Tidying Up took the world by storm. That storm did the opposite of what most storms do. It left clean households and tidy living in its wake instead of the usual chaos and destruction. In the show, Kondo visits American families to help people organize their lives by identifying and sorting things that spark joy. Kondo’s approach to cleaning is more than a series of chores it’s a mentality, a lifestyle, and many people who adopted her method found tidying up to be a healthy step towards a happier home. 

Last week I met someone who is doing the same thing in the world of photography. Samantha Drake, an Oklahoma resident, is helping people tidy up their photos and organize their digital clutter. Like Marie Kondo, Samantha meets with people to get a sense of what they want to do with their photos. Whether it’s a grandmother with a lifetime of pictures or a new mother preparing to photograph her child growing up, Samantha gives them a way to get organized and stay organized. Her method centers around Mylio, a powerful app that helps consolidate a lifetime of photo memories into the visual story of your life.

Samantha Drake ready to organize

Meeting Locally

Samantha is based in Oklahoma, as are most of her clients. She starts by meeting them in person to put a friendly face with her services. She knows that people’s photos are precious, so in these one-on-one meetings she listens to understand her clients’ goals. A common refrain she hears is people want to be in control of their pictures and make sure they’re protected. Mylio is ideal for that. For their first meeting, she has them get Mylio on a laptop and create an account. Then she introduces them to the app by importing a few pictures and showing them how their photo library will be expertly organized. People’s eyes light up as they see photos of their loved ones in People View, which automatically creates custom albums for people tagged in photos.

Mylio's People View UI

According to Samantha, people also really like Map View, which displays photos on an elegant world map so people can see where they’ve traveled and where they still might like to go.

Mylio Map View UI

Organizing Digitally

Then Samantha heads home and goes into organizing mode. Her clients generally have between 5,000-10,000 photos (with a few pushing 5,000), with photos scattered across a variety of shoeboxes, SD cards, drives, and online sites like Facebook and Instagram. Thankfully, Mylio efficiently imports them into one easy-to-use library. Samantha handles the import of all previous photos and sorts them into the digital file folders that her clients have requested. She told me excitedly, “I love that it’s so easy for Mylio to get the photos. I just click a little button, and the photos appear.”

Laptop Files Organized

After she organizes the photos, Samantha puts them on an external hard drive. Then she’s ready to meet with her client again. When they plug that external hard drive into their computer, its contents will sync with their Mylio library. That gives them access to all their organized photos on any of their devices. They can continue adding to that library whenever they take photos, and Mylio automatically organizes those pictures with all the rest.

Remembering Joyfully

For many of Samantha’s clients, this is a dream come true. Her older clients can finally view their entire photo legacy in one place. Mylio sparks joy in the way it displays photos, allowing them to rediscover memories and faces they haven’t thought about in years. It’s also convenient and easy to use on whatever device they prefer. For her younger clients, Mylio is a gift that keeps on giving; it’s easy and fun to continue adding photos from any device, and it’s a bonus to be able to edit, organize, and share all in the same app.

Photos Organized in Mylio Calendar View

Samantha told me that for many people, Mylio feels like a luxury. It feels like something a personal assistant would take days or even weeks to organize. But Mylio does it for free, automatically, and in minutes. You’ve got all your photos digitized and at your fingertips, on all your devices and in your control.

The Photo Finish

Once people have identified their favorite photos, Samantha gives them the option of taking their pictures a step further; her company OkOrganizers can help them create photo gifts like wall art, pillows, mugs, tote bags, jewelry, and more. These make nice holiday gifts or additions to the home, like the photo albums below.

Photo albums designed by Samantha

In short, Samantha connects people to their photo memories. She introduces them to Mylio and helps them get started, opening up a world of possibilities. She’s happy to demo Mylio’s features, showing people how to add scanned photos to Map View, create new albums, and tag their loved ones using Mylio’s advanced facial recognition. And on top of all that, she checks back in with her clients after 6 months and 1 year to see how they’re doing and if they have more questions or want help with other projects. She’s a great ambassador for what we’re trying to do: help people take control of their photos so they can truly enjoy the visual story of their lives.