Not So Fast: Mylio Preserves Flickr’s Free Bulk Upload

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Update: Since writing this article last March, it has become one of our most useful and visited articles. And so it is high time for an update. The Desktop Uploader aka Flickr Uploadr is still exclusive to the pro and pro+ accounts. Additionally, non-pro users have complained about “hugely intrusive” and “ugly” ads that show up in the viewing experience of public AND private photos. They appear full screen, looking like photos, disrupting the viewing experience as often as every 3 or 4 photos.

The example I was able to find online is, well, yucky. Wanna see it? Ready?

How bad can it be?


It would seem that Flickr is going to make money off of its users even at the expense basic features of the product, and possibly your ability to keep your lunch down.

The Internet is ablaze with hot, hot fire over Flickr’s recent decision to remove users’ access to the bulk upload tool from free accounts. How hot? Try:

The move feels a bit like ransomware, Yahoo forcing people who’ve already bought into the idea of Flickr as a permanent backup to start paying for the privilege. And it kills the notion that Flickr can be a useful, simple, automatic way to keep all your photos backed up in one place.

Flickr had a great run, but sadly it might be best remembered for starting the trend of vowel-less Internet start-up names.

Unfair Business Practice – You launched a new tool which is in BETA and people started using it and started LOVING it. Once they get used to it, you suddenly announced that you’re moving this tool to PRO.

But wait. Before you grab your torches and pitchforks, you should know that you can still bulk upload to Flickr, and you can do it for free — with Mylio.

Last week, Mylio made a pivot in it’s photo management app offering. What had previously been a strictly professional application now has a new, light, free-forever option with simplified interface, and all the tools you need to manage up to 5,000 photos, videos, and PDFs, syncing them across 3 devices with screens (USB drives are unlimited; the more the merrier).

But here’s the important part, Flickr users: Mylio’s new free version includes all its original export and sharing options —  including the ability to upload all the photos you want into a Flickr Album of your choosing. You can download it here.

Long story, short: free bulk upload for Flickr is still here, and you can get your pictures managed and protected offline with Mylio. A match made in heaven.

Yay! Flickr bulk upload lives on in Mylio
You’re welcome. And happy bulk uploading!

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