What Is Mylio? Why Do I Need It?

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What Is Mylio? And Why Do I Need It?

What Is Mylio?

Mylio is a powerful app that’s changing the way the world remembers. It collects all your photos into a single library, automatically organizing them into the visual story of your life. You have complete control of all your photo memories on all your devices so you can manage what matters anytime, anywhere. Mylio even works without the internet, so you always have access to your media and memories. And perhaps most importantly, it organizes your pictures automatically so they’re always easy to find. 

Why Do I Need Mylio?

Mylio gives you unparalleled access to and control of your photo memories. In doing so, it solves universal problems in a modern way:

Drowning in photos? Everything is organized, with Mylio.

Mylio specializes in photo organization. It takes our 21st century digital clutter and consolidates it into one easy-to-use photo library. Within that photo library, it gets even better: Mylio helps you find your photo memories however you remember them. There’s a Life Calendar that displays your photos along your life timeline, a Map View that lets you see photos based on where you took them, and People View that automatically creates albums of each person you’ve tagged. Along with that, Mylio lets you create and import your own organizational folders, as well as add tags, flags, stars, keywords to fully personalize your collection. 

Mylio UI with joyful traveler

Need to manage on the move? Travel fully capable.

Mylio puts you in control of everything, even when you’re on the go. Get it on multiple devices, and your photo library stays synced, even without the internet. That means you can enjoy your photos anywhere. You’re not constrained by wifi or cloud services. So whether you’re on a mountaintop, on a plane, on location, or on the beach, your photos are always with you and always accessible. 

Editing UI in Mylio

Worried about losing things? Never lose a photo.

Mylio is designed so you never lose a photo. With Mylio, you get two layers of protection. One layer is a Vault, which protects your full-sized photo originals. The second layer is syncing your photo originals across multiple devices so even if something happens to one device, your pictures are still available on the others.

Couple enjoying Mylio at home

Phone Filling Up? Reclaim your phone’s storage.

Most people run out of space on their phones and tablets when they have too many photos and videos on them. Thankfully, Mylio solves that problem. In Mylio, devices with lots of space store full size originals, and mobile devices store compressed versions so you save space. And don’t worry; you can still see all your photos on every device. Simply sign in to Mylio with the same account on all your devices, and they automatically sync to optimize space.

Edit photos while you travel

Want to take your photos to the next level? Editing made easy.

Mylio gives you everything you’d hope for from a mobile photo editor. It’s free, straightforward, and has the added benefit of syncing any changes you make to a photo across all your devices. Choose from 14 impressive presets that you can apply to photos individually or in batches. Mylio also includes a powerful and versatile toolkit with classic features like cropping, straightening, rotating, red eye removal, and before-and-after, as well as more advanced features like brushes, a histogram & sliders, clipping, and noise reduction. 

Editing UI in Mylio

Can’t find memories from your past? Visualize your life story.

Mylio is changing the way the world remembers by putting all your photo memories at your fingertips. Not only are they organized and easy to find, but the app also helps you rediscover memories from the past with features like its advanced face recognition; after you tag someone once, face rec automatically searches your entire photo library to help you find other photos of the same person, auto-organizing them custom folder with their name in People View. This is ideal for compiling a photo album or memory book for friends and loved ones!

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