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Rave Reviews

We love when people use our product, and we love it even more when they take the time to write about us! The friendly people at Tech PC have done both, giving Mylio rave reviews. Find out why they call Mylio “The Best Photo Organizing Software of 2019.”

A few highlights from the article:

Mylio is powerful software that helps you at every stage of the photo management process. It works on any device so you can see, edit, and share your photos whenever you want. Mylio also makes it easy to find photos fast by organizing your digital clutter in helpful ways. You can find pictures by searching in calendar view, map view, people view, or by keyword. And best of all, Mylio is free!

Mylio is changing the way the world remembers. With Mylio, it’s easier than ever to find beloved photos, whether you took them a month, a year, or a decade ago. Mylio’s Life Calendar brings treasured photos to your attention by surfacing them in Calendar View. In People View, you can choose a person’s name and instantly see all the photos that person appears in. In Map View, you can see your photos on an elegant world map and zoom in to see the pictures you took in each location. All this in combination with flags, tags, keywords, and stars make finding your favorite photo memories simple and fun.

In short, Mylio has a lot of useful features that make it the best photo organizer of 2019. It’s flexible, powerful, and as one user rightly put it, Mylio is the magic that binds a photographer’s workflow together. It helps at every stage of the photo management process from organization, to editing, to saving, and it’s especially useful for people who want to get things done efficiently. When you’re ready to give it a test run, it’s freely available at mylio.com.

We appreciate these reviews, Tech PC!

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