World Backup Day: Protect Your Memories

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World Backup Day

Protect Your Memories!

Paper and I just don’t get along. Despite being born at a time when the world ran on paper, I have always been terrible when it comes to managing physical documents. Whether it’s a coffee cup stain on my birth certificate, the dog eating my kid’s report card, or even misplacing lab results, paper and I have never gotten along. Fortunately as an early adopter of computer technology (I had my first one in High School, in the early 80s), I’ve saved myself a lot of headaches by converting important files to a digital form. And backing them up.

Technology today makes it fairly easy. Many things come as email or PDF files, and scanning or simply taking a photo of an important document is a snap. Which leads me to the subject at hand:

Today is World Backup Day!

World Backup Day is a notable occasion in our digital age. It’s designated to remind everyone how important it is to protect our digital files. You can learn more about the effort, the organization behind it, and how to protect all your files at the World Backup Day website.

Because every important document in my life is in digital form, backing up all my files is something I’m really passionate about. I won’t bore you with the details, but I have multiple automated copies of files at my house and in the cloud. Having important files in the cloud has the added benefit of providing easy access to them at almost all times. I say almost because as pervasive as internet connectivity is in my hometown, when I travel I often run into slow, expensive or unreliable connections. And sometimes there’s no connection at all. 

The other factor about cloud storage that can be a concern is privacy. There’s some files that I want to make sure are protected and always in my control. Can’t let my mad scientist smoothie recipes fall into the wrong hands!! But seriously, some data is too important or too sensitive.

Protection and Access

So in addition to all my photos, I keep certain documents on Mylio. When I say all my photos, I really mean all of them. From my mom’s 1953 High School graduation photo, to every important event in my and my family’s life. And my thousands of underwater photos. They are all in Mylio, and I can access them anywhere, on whatever device I have with me, with or without an internet connection. Add to that important files like a copy of my passport, driver’s license, or even birth certificate. Then there’s the files I always have with me for convenience, like the user’s manual to my favorite camera.

Photos Backed Up in Mylio

Which leads me back to backup. All these photos and files, plus every new photo I take, gets automatically copied to multiple places: my main computer, my backup system (for my fellow geeks, this is a QNAP, network attached RAID storage device) and a small 2 Terabyte Seagate drive. This last drive I connect about once a week, let Mylio do its automated copies, then keep it in a fireproof safe when I’m not using it. So even in a worst case scenario, I would still have copies of my important memories safe and sound. 

Backup Recommendations

If anything here has inspired you, then I hope you take the steps to back up and protect your files. 

Backup step one

Set up digital folders where you want to keep your most important files.


step two for backing up files

Take and add photos of any physical documents you want to keep. 


step 3 arrow

Move digital files into that folder.


step four want some moreGet a Seagate drive to safeguard against an unfortunate life event.


back, back, back it up step five

Add your folder to Mylio so you can access your files conveniently.


Don’t tell the teacher that the dog ate my kid’s report card.