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Digital Declutter your Photos

Organize Your Photos

It’s Photo Time

Got some extra time on your hands? Let’s take 10 minutes to organize your photos for life. Mylio is a powerful way to collect all your pictures into a single library, automatically organizing them into the visual story of your life.

The Steps

Photos Step 1Get Mylio

Get Mylio for free on your computer from

Photos Step 2

Your First Import

The startup wizard will help you with your first import. I recommend skipping the sections that ask about Calendar and Vault. When it says, “Let’s build your library,” choose This Computer to add pictures from the device you’re on. Then select a folder where you have photos you want to import.

Step 3

Add More Photos

In Mylio, you can always add more pictures from any source using the Import arrow in the top right. Add from your social media, camera, drives, and cloud storage, and other photo services. If your photos are already organized into folders, Mylio saves you time by allowing you to import your entire folder structure! If you haven’t taken the time to organize your files, discover how to organize your folders here.

Pictures Step 4

Add a Mobile Device

Next, get Mylio on your phone and tablet. You’ll have complete control of your entire photo library on all of these devices, even without the internet. You can also set up Mylio to automatically add pictures from your mobiles so you can instantly see them on any of your devices. More devices. More photos. And more access.

Step 5

Explore the Tools

Mylio is your complete workflow. It gives you the tools to do anything you want easily and efficiently. Here are just some of the many tools in Mylio’s extensive toolkit:

The Benefits are Picture Perfect

Mylio puts all your images at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. It’s more powerful and gives you more control that the basic camera roll on your phone (Apple Photos and Google Photos). Mylio is also more mobile and gives you more options to sync, share, and store your photos than Adobe Lightroom. Here are Mylio’s key benefits:

This series on Digital Declutter is updated regularly. Check here for more ways to get digitally organized!

Mylio UI with photos of a joyful traveler