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We’re happy when people love our product. We’re even more happy when they write about it! Photo and travel enthusiast Bengt Beier has done both, and he’s our featured photographer this week.

Travel Light, Travel Capable

Beier calls Mylio “the magic that binds [his workflow] together,” and in reading his article, it’s easy to see why. Mylio gives him the ability to do a lot when he’s on the move: travel light, edit on the road, protect his photos, and sync them across multiple devices.

One of the things that initially lead him to Mylio was an unfortunate situation that occurred a few years ago on a trip to Poland. Midway through the trip he dropped his camera, losing the SD card and all the photos that were on it. He regrets the travel loss, noting

“It was a lesson hard learned. Nowadays, one of the first things I tell people who wonder how to get started in travel photography is: back up your photos while traveling!”

The Ultimate Travel Photo App

So he began looking for ways to secure his travel photos. That eventually lead him to Mylio. And Mylio not only became the solution for protecting his photos. He also discovered it helps him at every stage of his photo management workflow.

“The magic that binds it all together: Mylio

The key part in my workflow is the software that runs it, and that particular app has probably become my favourite app of all: Mylio. Mylio is a DAM / photo organizer with some basic built-in photo editing tools (non-destructive). But its most powerful feature is that it automatically syncs and backups all photos in my photo collection between all my devices. It’s installed on my PC, both tablets (all Windows) and my phone (Android).

The sync function is truly magical. It does not use a cloud but it only syncs photos over the local WiFi. So it does not need internet access nor cloud storage to work, I just switch on my devices, start Mylio on all of them and wait for it to send the full resolution pics or previews to all my devices. It even automatically creates a backup on my NAS at the same time. Think of it like a basic Lightroom but with a proper sync function that syncs all my photos to all my devices. And I get the same set of editing tools on my PC, my tablets and my phone.”

Mylio is the ultimate travel app for photographers

To read a detailed description of his workflow, check out the full article here. It’s a powerful testament to all that Mylio can help someone do while they travel. Beier now has the peace of mind knowing his photos are safe. And whether it’s on a plane or in a local coffee shop, Mylio also gives him the freedom to work anywhere.

Photo editing app that lets you work anywhere