How to Edit Your Photos with Mylio’s Free App

Mylio Features
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Meet the photo editing app that lets you access your files wherever you are—even if you’re off the grid.

By David Carrington

If you’re searching for the best free photo editing software, chances are you’re just getting ready to graduate from the basic tools offered in your smartphone’s operating system to a more comprehensive solution that will help you to organize, curate, and carefully hone your best images. 

Mylio is a free photo-organizing app widely used by both novice and professional photographers. It comes with an easy-to-learn set of classic editing tools and allows photographers to organize and store up to 5,000 images across various devices. (For photographers with more advanced needs, Mylio Premium allows you to edit RAW files and store an unlimited number of images.) Professional and prosumer photographers already working with an advanced editing suite, such as Photoshop, still like to use Mylio because it works seamlessly with these tools and allows them to access their files from multiple devices, even when there’s no WiFi.   

What Makes Mylio the Best Free Photo Editing Software App

One of the things that photographers love about Mylio’s photo-editing solution is that the edits made to a file automatically show up across every device and drive (as well as the cloud, if it’s sync-ed up). As a result, a photographer can work on her photos wherever she is, with any of her devices, with or without WiFi, and know that her edits will be saved across all of her files.

Edit your photos in Mylio with advanced features

This makes Mylio an excellent, easy-to-use editing solution for traveling photographerswho often find themselves in planes or in off-the-grid locationsand for teams that need to share access to files. Likewise, it’s also great for amateur photographers who’d like to be able to access their library when they’re on the go or temporarily out of range. With Mylio, a photographer can use those random pockets of downtime to tag or edit photos regardless of location or which device is at hand. 

Mylio’s Computer Compatibility

The best photo editing software has to be compatible with the computer a photographer is using, of course. Consequently, Mylio was designed with this in mind and works with Mac and Windows computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Likewise, for seasoned photographers, Mylio works with advanced editing tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture, while also organizing and allowing access to your library from any associated device.

Photo Editing Features, the Basics

It goes without saying that Mylio’s free photo editing software offers all of the classic tools photographers  need to improve their photos. Among them: