Putting the “Family” in Family Photo Album

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Putting the “Family” in Family Photo Album

Mylio and the Family Photo Album

The Family Photo Album

Many people dream of someday making a family photo album. It’s a story of who you are, what you’ve done, where you’re from. As a legacy gift, it’s a wonderful thing to pass on to your kids. A family photo album sounds like an ideal way to commemorate life’s special moments.

But the task of assembling all those pictures is daunting. Photos may be scattered in different locations – shoeboxes, cameras, SD cards, smartphones, online – plus you feel obliged to put them in chronological order with the date, location, event, and the names of all the people in them… It seems like a Herculean task.

Thankfully it’s not. That’s because there’s an app called Mylio that simplifies the way people make family photo albums. Picture this:

Instead of spending hours hunting down, organizing, and labeling pictures, let an app do it all for you. Mylio makes the process easy by doing all the work of a family historian: it collects all your photos and sorts them for you by date, location, and the people in them. Plus Mylio keeps your images secure (so you never lose a photo) as well as accessible (so you can view and edit them from any device). 

Mylio also revolutionizes the process of making a family photo album by allowing anyone in your family to contribute. This not only takes the burden off one person’s shoulders; it also lets your whole family participate in creating a photo album that can span generations. 

Photo album of woman as she ages

How Does It Work?

Mylio is a powerful app that helps you organize your photos. Install it on devices like computers, phones, and tablets so you can manage any photo from any device. It’s ideal for creating a family photo album because it does all the heavy lifting for you and it allows you to involve as many contributors as you want. 

It’s as simple as that. When your whole family gets Mylio, you’ll all be able to add pictures to your family’s shared photo library. Then Mylio does all the work of a family historian for you! It automatically records the date and location of your pictures and lets you view those pictures in Calendar View as well as Map View. So your pictures are instantly organized chronologically and geographically. Mylio also has cutting-edge facial recognition. After you tag someone in a photo once, Mylio will automatically tag them in all future photos, even as they age. Later, when your kids have kids, they can join the family Mylio and continue adding their photo memories to your family legacy!

In addition, Mylio makes it easy to commemorate family celebrations, trips, and holidays. Link your calendar or create custom events/folders to organize your memories. Mylio automatically puts the photos that you take where you want so you can find them quickly later.

Hilarious picture of four generations sharing a drink

Over time, this digital photo album will become a treasured part of your family history. Photos any of you take can be instantly shared to the family Mylio. The burden of being the photo historian is taken off of one person’s shoulders, and instead everyone gets to contribute! Plus, with all these photos in one place, it becomes easy to print out the best ones for a physical photo album.

Getting Started

Setting up Mylio is fast and simple:

  1. Start by installing Mylio on your family computer. Create an account that your whole family will use.
  2. Next, each family member installs Mylio on their smartphone and signs in using that same account.
  3. Add photos of family members and events.

It’s that easy! Now whenever someone takes a photo, it can be easily added to the family Mylio. Mylio also makes it simple to import pictures from other locations like cameras, drives, and online sources. We recommend saving the original account information (username and password) for future family members so your grandkids can add their chapter to the family story. 

Five generations of a family for a photo album

Bonuses and Benefits

A family Mylio is helpful in so many ways:

  • More photos for a more complete family history
  • Lasts from generation to generation
  • One person doesn’t have to do all the work
  • The app organizes and tags photos for you
  • Easy to add new family members 
  • Protects your family legacy forever
  • Synced photos are safe photos
  • Everyone can help with editing and rating
  • See all your treasured photos in one place
  • Remember family gatherings and celebrations
  • Share life events with family members instantly

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