Matthew Jordan Smith: Traveling the World with Mylio

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Renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith was recently in New York speaking at B&H, the largest retailer of cameras and camera equipment in the US. His talk, captured above, covers his personal experience with Mylio, and how this tool is a great fit for anyone who cares about their pictures. (Highlights: Smith’s detailed workflow is at 47:50, and he makes a video from a recent shoot with author Terry McMillan at 55:39).

“I can view and edit on the plane… finding the top 10, then the top 5, the top 3, and my favorite image from each shoot… And when I land, I’m already done. The days of  sitting in my office at my computer are done.”

Smith, a favorite of celebrities including Oprah and Tyra, is nearly three decades into a fantastically successful career, and has found that he often prefers to take his cameras on the road and out of the studio. Being on the move, and going to remote locations to photograph portraits of polar bears in Canada, the wilderness of Alaska, or Future American Presidents in every state, brings a unique set of challenges.

No matter where he’s on assignment, Smith makes time to take personal pictures of the amazing sites and people he finds along the way. But as you might imagine, personal pictures plus professional assignments make for a lot to sort through. And a day in the office editing pictures is a day that could be spent out capturing more amazing moments.

Matthew Jordan Smith - Mylio Folder View
A screen capture of Matthew Jordan Smith’s Mylio library in the Folder view.

This all changed when Smith found Mylio. He uses Mylio to collect all his images onto one device, then sync them to his laptop, phone, and iPad so he can edit on the plane. The next time Smith is in his office, all his changes are automatically synced to all his devices. This makes his time on the plane some of his most valuable work time, and keeps him on the road doing what he loves most.