Finding Photos with Mylio: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… If You Can Find It

One of the things I love about Mylio is how it helps me find photos in many different ways. Sometimes I remember a photo based on when I took it. Other times I remember where I took it. And often I remember who was with me, but nothing else. No matter what I remember, Mylio helps me find the photo fast. It’s also really nice for rediscovering photos with my family, since we can all look up photos the way we recall them. Here’s the guide I use to help me find what I’m looking for in my ever growing library:

When: Calendar and Events

Use the calendar and event features to find photos based on when you took them. If you remember the day, month, year, or even the decade you took it, you can navigate to it through the calendar. Linking an online calendar is especially helpful if you mark important events like birthdays, anniversaries, or trips in your calendar, as Mylio will automatically create and highlight those events for you. You can also manually add events by clicking (+).

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Where: Map View

Sometimes I don’t remember when a photo was taken, but I remember where it was taken. This is where the Map view comes in handy. I can even type an address or landmark and have the Map zoomed into that area. Of course, only photos that are geotagged will show on the Map. I’ve gotten into the habit of adding geotags to all my photos using Mylio. For example, when I go diving to take underwater photos, I take a photo from shore or from the boat using my phone. Then I simply use Mylio to copy/paste the coordinates from that photo to all photos taken during that dive.

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Who: The Power of Facial Recognition

Face recognition is one of the features of Mylio I personally find very addictive. The more faces I confirm, the better it gets at finding that person in my photos. I just go to the People view and alphabetically search for the person I’m trying to find, or I can use a filter to show only photos with that person in any view. Oh, and when I’m confirming Mylio’s suggestions, I work in batches (shift + click to select a range of photos) and confirm a whole bunch all at once.  

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How: The Hidden Secret of the Dashboard

This one is less obvious, but I can use Mylio to find photos based on how they were taken. Specifically, what camera, lens, or combination I used. For example, if I have a bunch of photos from vacation, but I only want to see the ones I took with my Nikon, I can choose just that camera and filter out all the smartphone shots and tablet videos. I can access this readily from the Dashboard or use Search Modifiers to look for specific camera models. For those of you that remember using a Blackberry phone, it’s also funny to go back and see what photos you took with that device. 

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What: Keywords, Categories, and More

Searching based on “what” often requires that photos have been tagged with keywords or organized into categories. In my case, I tend to add keywords for specific marine life I photograph. That way I can easily search for “turtle” or “shark” and Mylio returns all photos with that keyword. If you don’t use a modifier in your search, Mylio will also return folders, albums, photos names, or any other metadata containing that search term. So even if you haven’t specifically tagged your photos with keywords, it’s worth trying to search for them. You’ll often be surprised at what Mylio finds for you.

It’s also handy to use categories and events. If I’m looking for “Travel” for or “Underwater” photos, I often start with a Category filter to narrow down my search. You can add categories by going to the Details panel under the Info tab, and scrolling down. I strongly recommend adding categories to photos in batches to save time. Also, if you can take a few minutes to add categories, keywords, or any other organizational markers right after you take them, those photos will be much easier to find later. My mantra with Mylio is, “Do a little, get a lot.”

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Other Resources

I hope this is helpful. If you want more help getting organized, check out these videos to help you Make the Most Out of Mylio or visit our Community Forum where lots of photo enthusiasts discuss our approaches.

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