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More Than Face Value

The people in your photos matter. And Mylio’s face recognition helps you remember the people who matter most by finding and organizing your photos of them using People View. This view makes it easy to find all the photos of a specific person, see how that person has grown over time, and even create a custom photo album for a loved one! 

How Face Recognition Works

Face recognition software uses biometrics to measure facial features in photos. The software identifies facial landmarks and then measures their size, shape, and relative position. These features are then used to search for other images with matching features. All of this means that once you identify someone, Mylio will help identify that person in all future photos. Even as that person ages, Mylio’s smart software can still recognize and tag them through the stages of life. 

There are three ways to use face recognition in Mylio:

1. Tag Faces Individually

Open a photo in any view and turn Face Recognition on by selecting the icon in the Quick Actions Bar. An oval will appear around each of the faces in that photo, prompting you to identify, “Who is this?” After you’ve identified someone once, Mylio automatically recommends that person’s name each time they show up again. All you have to do is confirm. Like all face recognition, telling Mylio who is in your photos increases its accuracy over time.

Once someone has been tagged in a photo, a custom album will appear in People View for that person. Whenever you add a new picture of that person to your library, Mylio will automatically include the photo in that person’s album!

Mylio Face Recognition

If multiple faces are detected in a single photo, Mylio will recommend names for each face one at a time. When you identify the first face, Mylio will advance to the next face automatically. If Mylio detects a face that you don’t want to ID, you can select “Ignore” to move past the selection.

2. Batch Tagging

Mylio makes it easy to tag faces in batches. This can be done from any container (a folder, an album, or even All Photos). Open the container so it’s in grid view. Then select the Batch Tagging icon from the Quick Actions Bar.

Batch Tagging using Face Recognition

Mylio will show you groups of photos that may all include the same person and ask you to confirm who that person is. You can use the bar at the top of Mylio to make a decision for all the displayed photos, or you can decide on each photo individually using the confirm, change, or deny buttons on each photo.

UI of the Options

3. Tag/Ignore in Bulk

If Mylio already knows who someone is, they will have an album created of them in People View. Mylio will scan all new photos to see if there are matches. When Mylio finds possible matches, the person’s album will ask you to confirm if the photos are indeed of that person. Albums that have photos to be identified will have an “identification needed” icon at the top of the cover image.

Identification Needed in People View

When an album with “identification needed” is opened, it will display the photos not yet confirmed with three options at the bottom: confirm, change, and deny. These icons let you work efficiently in bulk to confirm that the name is correct, change the name to a different one, or tell Mylio that this image is not this person. Confirming a person will remove the icons, confirm that the photo is of that person, and use those images to better identify future photos of that person.

Bulk Confirm Using Face Recognition

In other cases, you may have a photo with many faces you want to ignore. This is common in pictures with crowds like concerts, parades, or other public events. Mylio makes it easy to tag who you know and ignore all the other faces. To do this, click on the photo. Tag the individuals who you do know as usual. Then open Mylio’s Details Panel, and select “Ignore Untagged Faces” from the top of the info panel.

Ignore Untagged Faces

How Face Recognition Helps

One benefit of having facial recognition in your photo library is that it’s easy to find photos of a particular person. Simply go to People View and click on a person’s album to see all the pictures of them! If you’ve ever imagined giving someone a photo album or creating a slide show for someone, this feature makes consolidating those photos a snap. No more hours of hunting through old shoe boxes – Mylio puts them all in front of you. 

Another benefit that might not be immediately obvious is that Mylio does an exceptionally good job at tracking faces as they age. For example, a friend has photos of her son from his infancy all the way through his teenage years. Mylio’s facial recognition software knows that it’s the same person, so my friend can look back and see her son growing up in a photo timeline. 

Let’s Face It – Mylio’s Amazing

Photos are the stories of our lives. And face recognition helps unify those stories in terms of the people who are in them. By bringing together photos of our loved ones, Mylio is putting people at the center of our stories so we can remember what truly matters: the relationships we’ve built over time.