Who Will Win this Mylio vs. Apple Photos Speed Test?

Case Studies
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Mylio is renown for its incredible speed in finding and syncing images (it takes just a split second to find images from a single tag in a million-plus photo library in this ad-hoc, real-world demo. Scroll to 2:22 of the video to see — but don’t blink).

In a similar vein, here’s a compelling head-to-head speed test pitting Mylio vs. Apple Photos in tagging people after face recognition, then syncing them between devices.

The setup: MacBook Pro + iPhone running Apple Photos on the left, and MacBook Pro + iPhone + iPad + PC + Android phone running Mylio on the right. Both MacBooks have been loaded with the same photo library, within which 250 images with the same face have been detected, and are ready to be tagged by name, then synced across devices.


[vimeo 225906197 w=800 h=450]In this test, Mylio is 3.5x faster than Apple Photos — a combination of sync time, and number of clicks each app requires to carry out the task.

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