How I Used Mylio to Help a Photographer Out of the Weeds

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Angela B. Pan is a pro photographer who, every weekday, takes stunning landscape photos of the Washington DC Metro area. And I do mean every weekday — she’s posted these fresh photos to her blog for more than six years now! (You do the math). Angela licenses her images for commercial use, but with such a big catalog, she was having a tough time finding specific photos when clients requested them. That’s when she called me; I’m a professional photo organizer, and I knew I could help her save time on the licensing work so that she could better spend it shooting pictures.  

"Light Show at the Washington Monument" photo by Angela B. Pan Photography
Light Show at the Washington Monument. Photo by Angela B. Pan Photography

When I first met with Angela, I learned she had one tactic for organizing her photos: put them in a single folder dedicated to that year. That’s it. No sub-folders, scant image re-naming, and no keywords or location tagging. Imagine, then, trying to fill a client request for Capitol Building at sunset with a purple sky! Angela told me it was taking her hours to find images, because she was trying to associate them with the dates they were taken. Her workaround: reverse Google image searches of her own blog. If she did it right, Angela could find the date she posted the picture; then she’d have a year, and could backtrack to the folder on her hard drive.

The more I learned about her business and methods, the more I knew Mylio would be an incredible tool for Angela. Even with no change to her workflow, with no keywords or location tagging, she’d be able to easily scroll through her images and find the requested photo. With her thousands of images this would still take time, but it would be an improvement. Still, I knew we could do better, and I did the manual work of adding keywords and location tags.

This, along with Mylio’s hyper-fast visual browsing experience, cut the time it takes Angela to find an image from hours to seconds. And she doesn’t have to Google her own blog anymore. 

Sunrise at Tidal Basin photo by Angela B. Pan Photography
Sunrise at Tidal Basin. Photo by Angela B. Pan Photography

Part of the beauty of Mylio is that it’s multi-platform and can sync from different locations. So I’m able to access and work on Angela’s entire catalog from my home office. I get it on my own computer using Mylio’s shuttle feature and the Mylio Cloud; her computer with all her originals doesn’t even need to be on while I’m working. I can put in organizing work whenever I want, while Angela’s freed up valuable time — time she’s spending in the field capturing more stunning shots. And when she comes home and turns on her computer, all my work seamlessly shows up.

Mylio’s been an incredible tool for me to support Angela and her thriving photography business. It’s succeeded in making her licensing work highly efficient, allowing her to double down and concentrate on what she does best.

angela-b-pan-photographyAbout Angela B. Pan Photography

Angela B. Pan is an award winning photographer whose work has been featured on,,, ABC, NBC, She also mentors photographers around the world. Check out her new images — served up fresh daily — on her blog here.