Bringing My Son’s Life to Life

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How could I sort through thousands of images, scattered across a bunch of different devices, to create something meaningful for my son’s big birthday?

Brad Husick - Mylio Use Case
Brad Husick, Medina, WA

What I do: Photography Teacher & Business Consultant

My Mylio setup: Mylio Max — ~100,000 images synced across seven devices (Mac Pro, MacBook, iMac, iPhone 6, iPad Pro, 2 USB hard drives, Mylio Cloud)

Why Mylio?:

  • I can easily locate photos within a huge collection
  • I have access to all my photos from all my devices
  • I’m confident I have safe backups


My Story

I’ve taken pictures since I was a kid, and recently made photography a major focus of my life, teaching at local photo stores, and for private clients. From the beginning, my biggest struggle has been cross-device synchronization — getting my many thousands of photos, which are spread across cameras with SD cards, USB drives, laptop, desktop computer, and mobile devices, to all come together, and be viewable on each of my devices. I mainly use Apple products, so first I tried solving my problem with Apple Photos.

But I wasn’t satisfied by the results – particularly the lack of control over what went where, and at what resolution. I also didn’t like Apple’s lack of support for external USB drives that come and go. I’d abandoned hope that I could synchronize photos across all my devices, thinking this was a problem that just had no solution. Then I learned about Mylio.

I was visiting a favorite camera shop — Omega Photo in Bellevue, WA –  to discuss becoming one of their photography instructors. The manager told me they’d just started featuring new software called Mylio, and asked if I could teach customers how to use it. I’d never seen it before, so I downloaded it, and taught myself to use it. Now I teach several classes each month at Omega.

When I explain Mylio to my students, I mention two things right away:

  • Cross-device syncing. Mylio’s cross-device synchronization across all major desktop and mobile platforms is dead easy, and incredibly powerful.
  • Calendar View. Mylio makes it fast and easy to literally go back in time and find the photo you’re looking for by browsing decades, years, and months. Here’s an example of how I used the Calendar View to create a meaningful moment in my life.


Project: My Son’s Life Collage

Mylio chrome with Albums highlighted.
Album View is found on the left panel in all versions of Mylio.

I have two boys; the younger recently turned 13. When his older brother turned 13, I gave him a giant canvas print collage of the best photos from his life – about 70 images. It took me weeks to put together.

I wanted to do the same thing for my younger son, only this time I used Mylio to go through the last 13 years, pick the shots, and put them in an Album. The Albums view in Mylio is perfect for this kind of project, because you can collect images without moving the actual files in your system.




My first pass yielded 230+ pictures – too many! So my wife and I used Mylio’s starred ranking system to narrow things down to the top 70. Then I exported copies of those images — it didn’t matter which devices the files were actually on — to a new folder, so I could send them off to the printer.

Exporing in Mylio is initiated from the bottom bar, and then click "Export".
Mylio’s Export menu is found by clicking the share button, and then clicking ‘Export’.

Mylio made this process super fast, and super simple. The printer sent back this 20 x 30-inch canvas, which I gave it to my son on his birthday:

Collage of Brad Husick's 13 year old son.Advice for New Mylio Users

Get a tutorial. If you’re new to Mylio, I’d advise you to watch the support videos on Mylio’s website. Sitting down for a few minutes with someone who’s used it before can also be helpful.

Find the feature mix that works for you. Mylio’s a great substitute for programs like Apple Photos, and I suggest using just Mylio to manage your images. On the other hand, though I could edit my images in Mylio, I already use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Fortunately, Mylio plays really nicely with Adobe products, so I can keep editing with the apps I’m used to, then let Mylio pick up the changes, and synchronize them across all my devices in no time.