The Takeover, OMG

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Rugged. That’s how I was back in the day. Ask around: black sheep of the family, running wild with the crew. A rebel. Then I met the Wife. You know how it is: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby girl in a baby carriage. And not necessarily in that order.

Wait — so I’m going to be a dad? But, wait, responsibilities?! Then more responsibilities. Then wash, then rinse, then repeat. But I got this. Easy, right? Just do like the Beastie Boys said: No sleep till Brooklyn. It’s okay. We’ll play the cards we’re dealt.

And then: another daughter!

So now I have three girls roaming the house, this bubbling brood spinning out mixed emotions and out-of-control hormones. Does this make me nuts? No. I can still maintain. I hold tight to the dignity I have left. But then I realize: the takeover’s just begun. Their girly ways are taking effect.

Mylio Web Developer, Chea Yeam, shopping with his youngest daughter
This is my youngest daughter. She thought it would be pretty hilarious if I wore this skirt.

Yeah, it’s true, and I’ll admit it. Like while the Wife is watching LMN, and I sneak a look over my laptop and ask What happened?? Or when the music’s going, and I’m dancing with our youngest, and we’re talking about her outfit. Or when I’m the model for her makeup tutorials. Or when my teen daughter (growing up way too fast) asks me to get her clothes and makeup. Then, if I get something wrong, they all gang up on me!

They tell me I’ve started saying things like OMG!! and totally, or totes, which I can’t remember ever saying — but if I did, I can’t help it. I live with three girls! And as much of a badass as I used to be, I can’t say I hate any of this. Because you know what? It’s fun. Their femininity and love has grown on me, and it’s made me a better person both inside and out. OMG, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

There. I said it.

Chea Yeam, Web Developer

Who knew?

  1. I use use to be a skateboarder with long hair.
  2. I’ve been with my wife for 20+ years.
  3. I love to cook and create my own recipes.

I like to shoot: Landscape or creative pictures with my Android Samsung Galaxy phone.

My Mylio setup: Four devices for 46,000 images.



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