My First Weird Clothes

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When my wife Margot and I first came to the U.S. from Lebanon four years ago, we saw preparations, decorations, and pumpkins filling every store — it was like there was a huge event coming, like the Pope or the President was going to visit. But no, it was for Halloween. Preparations for Halloween are so big here!

So the next year my wife and I decided to host a Halloween party at our place. We were pirates. It  was my first time wearing weird clothes!

Andre & his wife, Margot, celebrate their first Halloween in America.


It was a very successful party: we served hot food, we had drinks, and we played pool. The amazing thing to us was that everybody came well-dressed. One of my friends wore a Dracula costume, and another was a true pirate with clothes and makeup better than Jack Sparrow.

I like Halloween. And it was a very successful party.

Andre Eid, Software Engineer

Who knew?

  1. I used to play the keyboard.
  2. I own a very big computer science library covering many topics — more than 200 books here in the U.S., and around 300 still in Lebanon.
  3. I go to the gym every day if I can, to reduce the wear and tear caused by programming 🙂

I like to shoot: Landscapes and scenery, and small things like insects and flowers. I also like to take pictures of my wife. I use a Nikon DSLR.

My Mylio setup: Three devices for around 20,000 images (still organizing!)